About Me

Francisco FernandezHi, I’m glad you found me. My name is Francisco Fernandez. I’m a classical guitarist and I hold a Doctorate in Music Technology. I have two passions and three loves. My two passions are music and technology. Among other things, I enjoy playing with other musicians, making computer music and listening to my old LP albums. I love building websites and developing music applications in Java. I also like anything math related, in fact, I have helped my daughter learn her math facts in a very fun and easy way, she absolutely loved it! I’m even thinking about building a website  about my math teaching techniques.

Yes, you guessed it, my wife and my two daughters are my three loves. We enjoy singing together, going out and playing in the snow. My girls enjoy the snow more than me though. I try to play with my girls whenever possible because I know kids grow up fast. Now is the time to enjoy them.

I decided to build this website to help others, like me, make an informed decision about buying the right turntable. Some of my favorite albums are vinyl Long Play records that never came out on CD and my father in law has tons of old Long Play records.

During her childhood, my wife was part of the school’s choir. Back then, the school board sponsored the recording of a few albums. Of course, my father in law has those records in vinyl format as well. I was concerned that all those vinyl records could get damaged. To solve this issue, I connected an old, bad quality turntable to my computer and recorded some songs to the hard drive. It was a temporary solution, but not the optimal one. The sound quality was poor and it was a lot of work.

I decided that it was time to buy a good turntable, one with high sound quality and that could help me transfer my music to a digital format. I was surprised at the variety of products out there. I did not know there were so many wonderful options. It was difficult to choose the right one for me. So, I started reviewing different record players and I want to share that information with you.

The interesting thing is that some turntables appear to sound better than a CD. I don’t know if it’s just my perception, but it’s always a magical experience to listen to your old music in its original vinyl sound :)