Vintage Turntables

Welcome to our Vintage Turntables section. Every day I check listings on eBay and select the one that I believe is the best vintage turntable from the listing at that particular time. This is not an easy task because listings change constantly. So I pick the ones that will end after 5 days or more. But that’s not a problem because I leave the listings until they expire. Therefore you’ll find items ending soon as well.

Why buy a vintage record player?

Just recently, one of my readers bought a Jensen 222. He was very disappointed because of the cheap construction and the noticeable warping sound. At the time the Jensen 222 was about $42. That same week, another reader asked me to recommend a  vintage turntable because his Crosley Cruiser stop working. At the time, a Crosley Cruiser had a price of about $80. I found a Pioneer PL-L50 on eBay that ended up selling for only $34!


So, I’m going to answer the question with another question. Why buy a new bad quality turntable when you can buy a decent one at half the price? You may be thinking, “but it doesn’t have warranty”. Well, the warranty of bad quality products is just a joke, because you need to at least pay shipping costs and you’ll end up buying something better later anyway. Of course, there is risk involved when buying a vintage turntable, but buying a bad quality new player is even riskier. The durability and quality construction of certain vintage items is a warranty to me.

My criteria for selecting the best vintage turntables

  • I concentrate on the best vintage turntable brands. I specially like Pioneer and Techniques.
  • I select the best turntables for the money.
  • I focus on affordable listings, but from time to time, I may list an expensive item if I think is a good deal.
  • I don’t select “for parts or not working” items. I only select working and in good condition. I asses the condition of the product based on the sellers description and images.
  • I normally don’t select items without a description, pictures or missing relevant information.
  • I select sellers with positive feedback only.


Although I do my best to hand pick the best vintage record players, it is your responsibility to carefully review the sellers listing and description before buying. I highly recommend contacting the seller and ask questions you may have about the product. This is a service I give to my readers for free. However, I may get commissions from eBay if you buy a product through one of the links on this page. Consider it my pay for the hard work I do maintaining this website :)

Hand-picked Vintage Turntables

ProductPriceTime LeftSite
Pioneer PL-200 Turntable Direct Drive Vintage Record Player w Pitch ControlBuy It Now: $89.95Ended
Vintage Technics SL-BD22 Frequency Generator Servo Automatic Turn TableBuy It Now: $47.50Ended
vintage Pioneer PL-400 Direct Drive Turntable Record Player - Estate Listing NRBuy It Now: $94.99Ended
Vintage Pioneer PL-S30 TurntableBuy It Now: $99.95Ended
L@@K VTG Technics By Panasonic Frequency Generator Servo Turntable Model SL-23.Buy It Now: $129.99Ended

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